It was August. It was one of those weekend mornings mothers cherish, the kids were playing quietly, the house was clean-ish, I was relaxing and reading....

My mind started wandering to things that seemed to have no relevance at the time. I began thinking of an older woman that I know, Pat. I saw the scene, like it was a movie I had seen many times before. Pat at her kitchen table in August with her highball and her recipe box full of address cards. She was addressing envelopes for Christmas cards to be sent the first week in December, just as she was wrapping up her summer. In that moment I envied Pat and all the time she had to be so ahead of her holiday mailings.

In that same moment, I started asking myself questions. Why didn’t we send a family Christmas card last year? Who sent us Christmas cards? Why haven’t I spent the time to create that Excel file with everyone’s address that we might mail a card to? I started getting frustrated.

My frustration spawned an idea. It would be wonderful if I could find a service that would collect addresses for me and allow me to hand write or generate labels in a few easy steps. I couldn’t find the service on the web.I got motivated, gathered a team of gracious and patient collaborators, and created

Thank you supporting this idea. This application should make your life a little easier and allow you to personally connect with all the wonderful people in your life!


I'm a midwestern working mom of three amazing girls who loves to be too busy for my own good. My wonderful husband is the chef of the house, so I have time to do little things like think up web applications. I work hard and I believe it will pay off some day. I was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN and I've learned to love this city. I spent a lot of my tweens and teens reading Sassy Magazine, Sweet Valley High and living like I was in a John Hughes film and that worked well for me (somehow).

I love to get cards, especially ones with photos on them, but I'm really bad at sending them.

I was an English major in college, so this web application focused on keeping mail and hand-written words relevant makes a lot of sense in my mind. I live too close to my childhood home for the dreamer in me, but I have amazing family and friends that make me smile every day. I love to get cards, especially ones with photos on them, but I'm really bad at sending them. I'm confident I'm not the only person that feels this way. This application is a tool for those of us who want to get better at mailing things. It gets us past the "I don't have their address" excuse.

Please email me any ideas that you think could make this application even better. I have big dreams, but little time. I'm betting that most of you who are reading this understand that statement.

Send Me A Card
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Indianapolis, IN 46240

Note: I may post cards I receive to the AddyMe Facebook page, so please let me know if you aren't okay with that. is launching in its most basic form. With user feedback and time, we will add more functions. Now start telling everyone you know about this app!